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Our Projects

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Wild Negros

Welcome to the wild side. Our field team is working closely with our West Visayan Big 5 in the wilds of Negros Island, assessing the state of remaining populations on the island, along with identifying areas where these species could be restored.

Classrooms and Communities

Communication is key, a phrase very true when it comes to conservation. Our outreach and education team strive to make an communicate effectively and establish good relationships with local communities to; 1) lessen conflict with wildlife, 2) promote conservation activities and wildlife protection, 3) understand how conservation can benefit people.

Bayawan Nature Reserve 

Talarak has reached the final goal in any captive breeding effort and been able to successfully release captive bred animals back into the wild. We have released groups of Visayan Spotted Deer, Visayan Warty Pigs, Visayan Hornbills and more into a 300ha forested site near the City of Bayawan, Negros Oriental.

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