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The Talarak Foundation was established in 2010 by Fernando Gutierrez and Pavel Hospodarsky in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. Mr. Gutierrez was an avid wildlife lover and wanted to use the land and resources he had to help protect the endemic wildlife of Negros, starting with a captive conservation center for the endangered and critically endangered Visayan and Rufous Headed Hornbills, Visayan Spotted Deer and Visayan Warty Pigs.


Over the years Talarak grew the center with successful breeding of many of these species, adding more individuals rescued from injuries or the illegal pet trade, and getting training and expertise from other conservation breeding centers on the island. In 2016 the Talarak Foundation took management of a second site, the Bacolod Conservation Center formerly of Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation Inc. This is now being run as the Negros Forest Park under Talarak and is home to many of our endemic species as breeding populations also open to the public for viewing and education.


In 2019 the Talarak Foundation progressed beyond captive breeding and education to also get involved in wild animal conservation on Negros. Talarak are surveying for the endemic wildlife of Negros within the remaining wild habitats of the island, along with working with rural communities and establishing release programs for captive bred animals.

Vision & Mission.JPG
Vision & Mission.JPG


Harmony between communities and wildlife, protected and thriving in the West Visayas faunal region.


The Talarak Foundation Inc. is committed to protecting populations of regionally endemic species through collaborations, conservation education, research, and restoration of endemic species and habitats, while developing sustainable livelihoods and fostering harmony between communities and the environment.

Partners and Supporters

The Talarak Foundation Inc. could not make an impact in conservation without the incredible help of our local and international partners and supporters. 

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