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Interns and Students

If you want to increase your practical experience and skills the Talarak Foundation offers internship programs within Negros Forest Park and the Bayawan Nature Reserve.

Volunteer training at the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park.jpg

Negros Forest Park

Animal Husbandry and Welfare Internship

Shadow our world class animal keepers and wildlife vet to learn how to take care of a variety of species, from hornbills to deer and everything in between. Including learning about the necessary diets, ensuring welfare is of the highest standard, and how to maintain daily routines that will keep your animals healthy and happy.

Captive Animal Research Internship

Work alongside our research team to study our captive animals. Conduct research and learn about the needs and benefits of studying the behaviors of captive animals, to better understand how we can provide the best care.

Public Education and Tour Operation Internship

Conservation is 50% wildlife and 50% people, at our captive center that is still true. Work alongside our education and guiding team as you learn how we can influence the enjoyment and education of visitors to the park through your activities, our signs and engagement opportunities.

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