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Negros Forest Park

Young Rufous Headed Hornbill in Negros Forest Park.jpg
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Negros Forest Park

Our biodiversity conservation center is at the heart of our conservation efforts. Here, we take care in raising and breeding our native Negros wildlife in the hopes of reintroducing them back into our forests, while also educating the public about our amazing wild Negros. 


Negros Forest Park has been the jewel in the crown of local wildlife conservation for over 20 years. Formerly under the management of Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation Inc., this conservation center has been holding key breeding populations of some of Negros’ most endangered species, including the West Visayan Big 5. 


Based in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Negros Forest Park uses European quality standard  enclosures for all of its species with an emphasis on attaining the highest welfare for each animal. The enclosure design and construction was initially done by the late great conservationist William Oliver who pioneered the conservation of the West Visayan Big 5 along with Negros’ forests and endemic biodiversity. Today Negros Forest Park is managed by the Talarak Foundation Inc. to continue the breeding and protection of the regions endangered and endemic species while also educating future generations about the need for local conservation. 


Captive bred animals from Talarak are used to support populations of their species across the world. Bacolod bred animals have been sent to Europe, USA and Singapore zoological institutes, but they are also the source of animals for restoring the wild populations within Negros. Connecting captive breeding programs to wild release programs is our ultimate goal at Talarak, and this is now achievable with animals from Negros Forest Park supporting release programs.


Negros Forest Park plays many roles in conservation however, being open to the public for education and entertainment purposes we can highlight the endemic wildlife of Negros to the local people of Negros and other visitors. Our mission for conservation includes education about these amazing, endangered and endemic species, which we can do in person at Negros Forest Park to truly highlight the beauty and critical need for conservation. Being in a central location in Bacolod City, you can easily find your way to the park and enjoy a day out with your family or alone, admiring and learning about the wonderful wildlife of Negros.

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