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West Visayas Conservation Workshop

De la Calzada, W., Lastica-Ternura, E., Fernandez-Colorado, C. and Atienza, M. 2023. Detection of African Swine Fever Virus in fecal samples of Visayan Warty Pigs (Sus cebifrons) from a conservation center in Negros Island, Philippines., Suiform Soundings, IUCN Wild Pig Specialist Group, 22(2): 5-18.


Ward, M., Atienza, M., and Gutierrez, F. 2020. Breeding success of hornbills of the West Visayan Faunal Region at the Talarak Foundation Inc., Hornbill Natural History and Conservation, IUCN Hornbill Specialist Group, 1(2): 32-34.

Ward, M., Magbanua, J., and McPherson, G. 2021. First release of Visayan tarictic hornbills Penelopides panini at the Danapa Nature Reserve of Negros Oriental, Hornbill Natural History and Conservation, IUCN Hornbill Specialist Group, 2(1): 42-45.

Ward, M., Montano-Ward, Y., Magbanua, J., and Hart, C. 2021. Individual identification through lateral spot patterns in the Visayan Spotted Deer, Rusa alfredi, DSG Newsletter, IUCN Deer Specialist Group, No. 32: 3-15.

Ward, M., Magbanua, J., and Tan, E.. 2024. Confirmation of a population of Visayan Spotted Deer Rusa alfredi in a forest fragment of the Southwest Negros KBA, Philippines., DSG Newsletter, IUCN Deer Specialist Group, No. 35: 12-18.


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