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Saving West Visayan Wildlife

The Talarak Foundation Inc. is a conservation organisation based on Negros Island of the West Visayas. Talarak started maintaining and breeding some of the most endangered species endemic to the region, before moving into reforestation, site conservation and wild translocations for these species.


The primary goal of the foundation is to conserve and restore the native wildlife of Negros through; captive breeding, conservation education, research, public and political engagement, and releases of captive bred animals back into their natural habitats.




The Talarak Foundation was established in 2010 by Fernando Gutierrez and Pavel Hospodarsky in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. Mr. Gutierrez was an avid wildlife lover and wanted to use the land and resources he had to help protect the endemic wildlife of Negros, starting with a captive conservation center for the endangered and critically endangered Visayan and Rufous Headed Hornbills, Visayan Spotted Deer and Visayan Warty Pigs.  read more


The Talarak Foundation Inc. is committed to protecting populations of regionally endemic species through collaborations, conservation education, research, and restoration of endemic species and habitats, while developing sustainable livelihoods and fostering harmony between communities and the environment.​


Harmony between communities and wildlife, protected and thriving in the West Visayas faunal region.​


The Big Five

The West Visayan Big 5 are a collection of species endemic to the West Visayan Faunal Region which includes the islands of Negros, Panay, Masbate, Guimeiras, Ticao, and Cebu. These 5 species are not only some of the most charismatic and endangered within this range but their life histories and ecology comprise different niches and many of them act as ecosystem engineers within the various forest and grassland habitats of the region.


Using these “Big 5” species as flagships for conservation subsequently provides holistic protection of the habitats, ecosystem functions, and other underrepresented species that share these habitats.


Where We Wok
Assessment team trecking through the dense jungles of Negros.jpg

Wild Negros

Welcome to the wild side. Our field team is working closely with our West Visayan Big 5 in the wilds of Negros Island, assessing the state of remaining populations on the island, along with identifying areas where these species could be restored... read more

Matt presenting a talk _becoming a conservation scientist_ including the work Talarak is d

Classrooms and Communities

Communication is key, a phrase very true when it comes to conservation. Our outreach and education team strive to make an communicate effectively and establish good relationships with local communities to... read more

Released Visayan Spotted Deer being followed through the forest with its tracking collar.j

Bayawan Nature Reserve 

Talarak has reached the final goal in any captive breeding effort and been able to successfully release captive bred animals back into the wild. We have released groups of Visayan Spotted Deer, Visayan Warty Pigs, Visayan Hornbills and more into a 300ha forested site near the City of Bayawan, Negros Oriental... read more

Yellow Breasted Fruit Doves in Negros Forest Park.jpg

Negros Forest Park

Our biodiversity conservation center is at the heart of our conservation efforts. Here, we take care in raising and breeding our native Negros wildlife in the hopes of reintroducing them back into our forests, while also educating the public about our amazing wild Negros... read more 

Copy of P1240586.jpg

Upper Caliban-Imbang Watershed

The Upper Caliban-Imbang watershed in Campuestohan near Bacolod City, is a 1,000 hectares part of the Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP). There are four communities found in the watershed where community organisations benefit from the government reform programs to protect the area... read more



There are many ways you can support the Talarak Foundation, check out below how you can be part of our conservation efforts. Your support goes directly to the conservation of our endangered native species





Catch up with the progress and discoveries being made by our conservation team in the Bayawan Nature Reserve and Negros Forest Park. Read our scientific publications highlighting the research we have done and our Newsletter covering the progress across the foundation.



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